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Family Fitness Center
Cunningham’s Ugottawanna Martial Arts and Family Fitness Center is proud to offer at its Petersburg location THE ONLY 24 HOUR ACCESS FITNESS FACILITY IN THE AREA !!!
Our facility provides a clean, modern and full-service fitness center featuring universal gym equipment, cardio equipment, free weights, leg presses, cable machines, power tower, exercise mats for floor work, etc.
Our clients include everyone from serious athletes to senior citizens. We cater to people trying to accomplish everything from building muscle, increasing their athleticism, losing a few pounds, toning muscle, increasing their weight bearing exercise to avoid bone loss, improving their cardio-vascular health, and improving their overall physical and mental well-being.
So… whether you are a:
Parent of a martial arts student looking for a powerful, productive and beneficial way to spend an hour while waiting for your future Black Belt to finish class…
Or you are a martial arts student yourself and want to accelerate your increases in strength and fitness along the way to your own Black Belt…
Or you are just a health-wise member of any one of the Petersburg area communities of people in our growing service area who simply wish to take advantage of our convenient full-service 24 hour fitness center to help you and your family meet your health and fitness goals…
Gold Medal Package (12 month): $350   *That's only $29/month!!!
Custom: For corporate memberships only!
Personal Training: Contact us for pricing details
And… your spouse or other family member will save 50 percent !
Contact us and get started now on your way to being a happier, healthier, stronger, more physically and mentally fit new you !
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